Cotton Mill

The Storage Units are situated at ground level, within a large factory shed, with a roof over 8 meters tall, ensuring minor temperature variation. The location ideally protects stored items from the weather

Access to the units is either internal or external.

Trolleys are provided to help move stock or belongings into the Units.

The storage facility is clean and secure. The individual Storage Units have electronically secure roller doors, which are padlocked by the user.

Facility Staff do not have access to the units.

The external access to the facility requires a numeric pad code, which provides access only to the individual units.

Security systems are sited offsite with CCTV cameras and movement detection sensors covering the facility.

It is important for individual users to have content Insurance for their belongings.

Certain items are restricted from using storage facilities such as flammable liquids. Please ask staff as to items which are restricted from the facility.

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